Welcome to Plumstead

Plumstead is a small village situated about eight and a half miles south-west of Cromer, and four miles south-east of Holt.

Although sometimes described as remote, a surprising number of people come from far and wide to visit Plumstead.  Those who have been once tend to come again.  Its charms are subtle ones, and it appeals most to those who seek something beyond the obvious.

It is hard to imagine now that in the middle-ages the area was one of the most prosperous and heavily populated in the whole of England.  It owed its wealth to the sheep which grazed its fields, and the skill and business acumen of the men and women who made the cloth, which they exported all over the world.

The church is the oldest building in the village and comprises a chancel, a nave and a square embattled tower with four pinnacles (see inside the church for more information).

It is believed that servicemen were billeted in Plumstead during both world wars, and the second brought evacuees.  One of these entertained the locals for a fee of sixpence.  Later he was to earn rather more, his name was Dudley Moore.

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